Press ReleaseFeb 27, 2024

On March 15th, Japan’s first book on "Marketing Orchestration" will be released
- Explained by the foremost expert in B2B Marketing with 40 years of experience, discover the "Science of Profit Making" -

The Science of Profit Making - The B2B Marketing

Symphony Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereafter Symphony Marketing) president Ichiro Niwayama is set to publish his seventh book, "The Science of Profit Making - The B2B Marketing," on March 15, 2024, with Nikkei BP. Drawing from 40 years of practical experience, Niwayama elucidates a practical approach to marketing, aimed at individuals working in marketing, sales, and manufacturing departments, as well as team leaders and executive management. The book reveals the mechanisms by which marketing does not contribute to orders and their solutions. It is the first book in Japan to discuss "Marketing Orchestration," incorporating the latest global trends and essential insights that need to be conveyed to contemporary Japanese companies.

Ichiro Niwayama

The Ideal State for Japanese B2B Enterprises

If Japan continues on its current trajectory, it is at risk of losing its markets across various industrial sectors to companies from marketing-advanced countries and experiencing a decline in international competitiveness. No one now denies the importance of marketing. The issue lies in many companies’ confusion about what to strengthen, where to begin, and how to avoid getting lost. Japanese companies must now devote themselves fully to learning about marketing and integrate it into the core of their business strategies. It’s time to reorganize marketing and sales for optimal overall effectiveness. The ideal state to aim for is a company-wide "Marketing Orchestration" tuned for harmony.

"Marketing Orchestration" means

"Marketing Orchestration" refers to the business strategy of transforming ideas into products and services that the market values the most, combining all resources, knowledge, data, technology, and achieving overall optimization and harmony while creating, maintaining, and expanding the customer base. It encompasses the entire range of marketing & sales activities including research & development, design, production technology, branding, demand generation, management of sales and sales agencies, to local subsidiaries and their agencies abroad, harmoniously syncing and optimizing for the best harmony.
It’s akin to nearly 100 musicians in a full orchestra performing a majestic symphony in unison with the conductor’s baton - so too is marketing conducted. Japanese companies’ marketing efforts often lack harmony, with exhibition, web, seminar, showroom, and data management departments working hard independently, leading to suboptimization and consuming budgets and resources without yielding results, simply because they are not orchestrated. When the sales department and manufacturing department operate without coordination, it’s like an orchestra where each part plays whimsically without any harmony to be heard. Without the correct sheet music for each part and a conductor to lead, each musician can only play at their own pace and interpretation. This results in what is called "dissonance."

Comment by our representative Ichiro Niwayama

This book unravels the mechanisms and solutions of why marketing does not contribute to order intake, drawn from 40 years of B2B marketing practice. It is a practical guide aimed at those working in marketing, sales, manufacturing, leaders, and executives. It encapsulates what we urgently need to communicate to Japanese companies today, including the latest global trends.

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