Press ReleaseNov 9, 2023

Symphony Marketing partners with "Just Global" to contribute to the growth of B2B Enterprise companies on an global scale

Just Global

Symphony Marketing, Inc., a marketing service provider specializing in B2B companies, has become a global partner of Just Global, Inc., a renowned global B2B marketing agency with a strong global presence. With the support of Just Global, Symphony Marketing is poised to provide even more effective and comprehensive B2B marketing services to Japanese companies looking to expand global market.

Just Global specializes in helping B2B enterprise companies with global expansion, providing services such as global market development, roadmap planning, and branding. With offices located in North America, Europe and Asia, Just Global has the capabilities to serve worldwide.
In collaboration with Just Global, Symphony Marketing is now able to provide even more comprehensive support by conducting thorough research and developing customized marketing plans for B2B companies looking to expand globally.
Symphony Marketing accompany the clients during their first global expansion journey with the most suitable marketing plans for the clients’ success at the new regions.
Symphony Marketing fully support B2B companies expanding globally and contribute to the continued growth of Japanese businesses.

Comments from our CEO, Ichiro Niwayama

We had the honor of welcoming CEO Brandon Friesen to our company during his visit to Japan. It was a great opportunity for us to exchange valuable insights on the latest trends in B2B marketing and gain knowledge from his extensive experience not just in Western countries, but also in APEC regions. With his expertise and knowledge, we were confident that he and Just Global can provide support to Japanese companies looking to expand globally.
We are excited to collaborate with Just Global, which has a track record of successful global expansions for many B2B companies and look forward to working together to strengthen the global competitiveness of Japanese companies and contribute to their growth and success.

Just Global, Inc.,

Just Global is a B2B marketing agency serves in North America, Europe, and Asia. With their high level of technical expertise and unique perspective, they offer creative solutions to help companies increase profits through branding and marketing activities. Their technology utilization has garnered them numerous awards and high praise worldwide.