Press ReleaseMar 15, 2023

Symphony Marketing becomes a Certified Gold Partner of Hubspot

Symphony Marketing, Inc., a marketing service provider specializing in B2B companies, has been certified as a Gold Partner of HubSpot, a CRM platform offered by HubSpot, Inc. in February 2023.

HubSpot is a CRM platform that integrates marketing, sales, customer support, and other tools. With an intuitive interface, HubSpot is widely used by startups and enterprises alike, and is currently deployed in more than 167,000 companies in over 120 countries.

Symphony Marketing became a certified partner of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program in April 2019, and has been supporting the implementation and operation of MA as well as proposing solutions to marketing issues unique to B2B, mainly for enterprise companies in the manufacturing industry. HubSpot rates its partners based on sales points earned from sales performance and management points earned from providing services to existing customers and from customer usage. We will continue to be the best partner for our customers.

We will continue to support B2B marketing as the best partner for our customers.

Endorsement from Hubspot

We are very pleased to announce that Symphony Marketing, Inc. has been recognized as a Gold Solutions Partner, an important partnership for HubSpot's business, as Solutions Partners work together to solve our customers' diverse challenges and support their growth. Symphony Marketing, Inc. Symphony Marketing, as a professional B2B marketing company, has helped many customers by providing demand center construction and operations using HubSpot. We look forward to working with Symphony Marketing to further strengthen the HubSpot ecosystem by leveraging their expertise and experience.

Channel Account Manager, Hogari

Comments from our CEO, Ichiro Niwayama

HubSpot's corporate culture is similar to ours in that they truly care about their customers, their company, and their marketing, and we have had a relationship with them since 2015, where when they visit Japan, they stop by our office and exchange information with us. HubSpot was initially focused on SMB customers, but as it has expanded to enterprise companies, we have also been strengthening our support for B2B marketing through HubSpot. We believe that this promotion to Gold Partner will strengthen the relationship between the two companies. Thank you very much for your support.