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IT: K Company

Global leader in network management solutions

Requirements and Challenges

K Company have been looking for a partner who can provide 1 full-time resource, to support for a long-term basis (4 months) with experience and interest in technology solutions. The telemarketer should be a conversationalist (easy-going talker) to engage a conversation not just follow a script 100%, to ensure all of business opportunities will be treated, followed up and manage properly follow designated timeline over the client’s CRM environment.

Marketing campaigns and policy would be placed from APAC headquarter in Singapore, and some of campaigns would be conducted by marketing team in Japan.

Solutions and Strategies

Appointment Setting after exhibition and event

We provided a prompt, professional, tailored telemarketing to secure an appointment with prospects who registered, participated, answered survey paper, and sent out email confirmations.

Marketing campaign follow-up call

We served an affordable telemarketing solution by calling back all prospects who showed interest in marketing campaign such as content syndicate, webinar and others, which need to be followed up quickly within 24-hour timeline, before those prospects forget about solutions.

Market Research

We conducted an outbound call to find out prospects pain points, what they want exactly, project timeline and identify more about their organization.

Operating over client’s CRM environment

We logged-in client’s given account to check inbound leads status, conduct a call, take a call memo, cleansing and updating database where needed.

Rapid and Flexibility

We managed and conducted follow up calls to all prospects as little as 1-3 business days, once receiving direction and project briefing from the client.

Professional & Polite Telemarketer

With our long experience in B2B telemarketing, we provided telemarketer who can improvise conversation with prospects based on original given talk guide and the real situation with warm and polite manner, and answer in-depth knowledge about client’s solutions and business outline.

Plan Ahead

Telemarketer made online researching to learn more about background of the prospect before placing call.

Project progress management


Allowing client’s inside sales and sales team free from spending time on telemarketing duties, and enable sales team to focus on converting hot leads into sales and other aspects of business’s core objective.

100% or more than 700 leads from a variety of marketing campaigns were followed up quickly, more than 100 qualified leads were handed off to client’s inside sales and sales team.

We generated and delivered over 40 business appointments with detailed call memo to sales team.

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